The Multisilo film is the classic coextruded film (black side/white side) for ensilage, produced only with high-grade polyethylene. The side of the film in contact with the cut edge is black to ensure maximum light filtration, while the outside is white to reflect the UV rays and thus avoid excessive overheating of the ensiled crops.
Eiffel offers Multisilo 3 in standard sizes from 6m to 16m and Multisilo 5 thinner, in sizes 18m and 20m.

Multisilo 3, thickness 200 microns > Durability class: S1 (EN: 13207)
Multisilo 5, thickness 115 and 130 microns > Durability class: S1 (EN:13207)

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The Eco-Sil is a co-extruded film and like Multisilo it is white/black, but is mainly produced with recycled polyethylene. This translates to savings and reducing CO2 emissions by up to 80% when the silage is covered with Eco-Sil, compared to a traditional film of the same thickness.

Thickness 200 microns > Durability class: S1 (EN:13207)


The reduction in thickness, resulting in a 40% weight reduction per m², guarantees great film manageability while maintaining excellent mechanical strength. The complex polymer blend provides excellent perforation resistance, similar to a traditional 200 micron film.
Obelix is a coextruded film (black side/green side) and currently, in combination with Silopack, is the most successful choice in the Eiffel ensilage film family.

Thickness: 120 microns > Durability class: S1 (EN:13207)

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Good cutting preservation means greater value. The Silopack film, thanks to its particular composition, is transparent, thin, soft and elastic, and adheres perfectly to the trimmings, greatly reducing the gas exchange of the mass, promoting "useful" fermentations. Its use must be associated with a cover film.

Thickness: 40 micron

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Trenches located in particularly hot geographic areas suffer excessive overheating of its plant masses. The Bianco UV (white side/white side) ensures maximum UV reflection.

Thickness: 200 microns > Durability class: S1 (EN:13207)


Recommended for covering trenches in temperate areas, the Nero film ensures a total UV filter.

Thickness: 180 microns > Durability class: S1 (EN:13207)